Statement about DACA Changes

Su Casa Columbus is disheartened with the announced decision to rescind DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the plan to phase out the legal status of current DACA students.
DACA students have contributed to American society and locally to Bartholomew County and Southern Indiana by becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, policemen, and business men and women who make a difference in their communities. DACA students make a positive and significant contribution to our economy by increasing our qualified available workforce, and increasing tax revenue because of higher wage earnings.
This broadened work force attracts and retains critical employers and jobs –particularly in a region with such low unemployment. This economic support helps to fund municipal and local government services, helps to improve quality of life for all residents. That in turn keeps home values high and drives retail activity locally.
The devastating effect that such a decision will have on so many Latino students and their families in Bartholomew County, the state of Indiana, and across our country is enormous. DACA students (Dreamers) will lose their ability to drive and work legally, fund their educations, and stay in a country that they love and is the only country they have only known as home.
We encourage congress to work diligently to pass legislation that will allow a way for our DACA students to stay in the US the country they call home.

To our DACA students and families, we say this:

We at Su Casa see you as an integral part of Bartholomew County and know your worth and contributions to our community. Your lives and future matter; as do, your families.
Continue your educational journey. No one can ever take away what you’ve learned, nor the value your education creates for you and your community. Continue being the resilient human beings that you are. And continue to lead by example.
We at Su Casa will continue to support you and your families in whatever way that we can.
We are resolved to serve the Latino community in a manner that reflects our organizations values and mission. Let us all be resolved to live in a manner that reflects our values in this community but not just in words but in our actions.

Sylvia Babcock

Executive Director- Su Casa Columbus


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